Many of our birdwatching trips to the Colombian Andes are improved by the elegance, color and shape of the orchids we find there. These flowers evolved in such a beautiful way that their forms and perfumes are meant to be admired and observed.

Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants and Colombia has about 4,000 species. They can be found in moors, cloud forests, deserts and the Amazon.

Usually orchids bloom once a year, always around the same time. This is determined by environmental factors such as the decrease or increase in temperature, the increase in daylight hours, seasonal changes and variations in humidity. These environmental factors generate different forms in orchids which attract a wide variety of insects such as bees, wasps, flies, butterflies and moths, as well as hummingbirds and bats for pollination.

Orchids provide value and service to our forest ecosystem, as they help in the food chain by becoming nourishment for many animals and helping to control moisture. Its presence is also a bio-indicator of the ecosystem.

So during our tours, look at them carefully and enjoy their particular details. Each of these flowers has an evolutionary and ecological history in the chain of life and because of that we must protect them. That way they will continue to adorn our forests with their stunning colors and shapes.

The birds of the genus (Grallaria and Grallaricula) known as tororois in spanish and antpitta in english are really difficult to see. The few people who manage to tell the story talk about the second of delight felt when they glance the fleeting image of its silhouette in the dark forest.

Tororois are birds that, because of their cryptic behavior (hidden in the vegetation), size and light plumage (with brown and / or olive colors) often pass unnoticed before the trained eye of the birdwatcher. This is because nature designed this strategy to protect them from predators.

Currently in Colombia we have 16 species of Grallaria and five species of the genus Grallaricula, many of them endemic to this country.

Thanks to recent tours we’ve made in Colombia, our guides have developed the skills necessary to ensure that our customers observe and experiment with these hidden beings of the forest. Thanks to the troughs that can be found currently in many protected areas, it has become easier to spot the fabled tororois.

These birds will always be sought after by the birders and that´s why Nature Colombia strives in order to make their observation possible.

In order to have a completely rewarding experience it’s necessary for the accommodation and food to be appropriate to our tastes and needs, because of this, in Nature Colombia we consider your convenience and comfort, respecting sustainability and taking care of the environment.

When we are in the field we use mostly natural reserves and small hotels in rural communities that have the necessary services for your comfort. In cities we use hotels that suit your needs. During your journey you will also be able to enjoy a huge variety of vegetables and tropical fruits.

To move comfortably and safely, Nature Colombia has a group of drivers that have been working with us for ten years and are very familiar with each of the places you’ll visit. Baecause of this, they will be able to show you the best spots.